American Idol musings

My thoughts on this week’s “American Idol”:

No one has ever sounded worse, ever, in all of recorded history, than Crooner Boy sounded last night. I’m hoping the reason Rose Bowl Loser was in the audience so that he could beat him up afterward. (By the way, does Matt’s presence in the audience remind anyone else of what kind of person he is: A guy who did something cool, once, a long time ago, who can’t let it go? But anyway.)

George Huff is starting to win me over, and that bothers me. I don’t want to be won over by him. I will continue to resist.

Fantastia still has a great voice, but she still scares me when I look at her.

Do we have to call Jon Peter Lewis “JPL”? Well, I hope so!!!!! It sure is fun. Almost makes me forget his dancing.

Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson are two of the strangest-looking people I’ve ever seen. They look like alien “Star Wars” characters. And you see the old pictures of them: They’ve ALWAYS looked like that. They wrote some good stuff, but they also wrote “I’m Every Woman” (which Whitney Houston sang on the “Bodyguard” soundtrack), and for that they cannot be forgiven.

Good to see the Funk Brothers get some love. The documentary “Standing in the Shadows of Motown” tells their story and celebrates their music admirably. Motown has that very distinctive sound to it, and these guys were the ones responsible for it. Very cool of “American Idol” to recruit them for the Motown show.