Angry Letter: Horse Girl rides again!

In a shocking development, Horse Girl has responded to yesterday’s post and answered some of our burning questions. Did she misread “uninjured” as “injured”? No! Is she actually a teenage girl? No! Have her reading comprehension skills improved? No! Behold:

Ok Eric, maybe I did get a little worked up but you don’t even know who I am. For one thing i am NOT a teenager, I am a 25 year old mother/riding instructor/horse trainer. Both me and my friends (Simone, Ashley, and Beca) have loved horses ever since we were babies and we have been friends ever since we were babies. I have NEVER GROWN OUT OF LOVING HORSES and nethier have my friends.

You have gotten one thing right though that I AM OBSESSED WITH HORSES. I care A LOT about horses and my family but I also care about the environment and my friends. I am PROUD to be that “horse Girl” and that’s what everyone knows me by. In school my nickname was horsey chic, and even the teachers called me the horse rider. I loved it. I met my husband at a horse show. Horses are a BIG part of my llife and I am happy to say that!

You have no right to be saying stuff about my that isn’t even true! You also have NO right to be calling me a stripper!!! What is that all about?!?!?!?!!? [Of course, what I actually said was that most people named Amber grow up to be strippers. If this particular Amber has thus far avoided the pole, then good for her!]

I just want more people to be more careful about the environment and its animals. These days no one seems to care because they’re like “Oh I don’t care”. I’m trying to stop that behavior. I am sorry I yelled at you like that but please next time don’t even post things like that on your site. Even if the horse and rider weren’t hurt (which I knew) you still SHOULD NOT be posting things like that and saying “I don’t care”. Maybe we could be friends if you don’t post another picture like that?

Now I’m torn. I really, really want to be friends with Amber, but I also really, really want to post this picture of Mongo punching a horse in “Blazing Saddles.” What can I do?