Angry Letters: dumb people, ‘Da Vinci,’ ‘Tristan & Isolde’

Let’s get this one out of the way first. In a previous blog entry, I made fun of somebody dumb who kept writing to me wanting a certain starlet’s e-mail address. That prompted someone whose e-mail address is “cutie4eva_573” to write me in that person’s defense:

I cannot believe how u treated Keyamaz u idiot! no 1 is stupid but u. the way how u treat people is proof that ur an [swear word],idiot,[swear word] and trash.

Surely “no 1 is stupid but u” is one of the more ironic statements I’ve read this week.

Publishing my reviews at DVD Talk has opened me up to a whole new group of angry people. One discussion thread on the message boards over there is devoted to my review of “The Da Vinci Code,” with some people saying I was biased from the get-go (they think I hated the book, missing the part in my review where I said I liked the book), and others arguing the opposite. It’s noteworthy because many of the people writing make valid points, though I do wonder why some of them get so worked up about it.

In the non-rational, non-valid department, someone posted a message there in response to my review of the “Tristan & Isolde” DVD. It’s a real delight, actually, from a teenage girl named Camille. It recalls some of the very emotional response I got to my “Titanic” column lo those many years ago:

eric d. SNIDER is a BIG loser, who in some points of his “review” was right, ( ex: Franco had kind of a stupid accent) but he was over all wrong. NUMBER ONE SNIDER, It’s a movie targeted MAINLY for teen audiences. So give it a break, because it got to the teen audiences. NUMBER TWO, “we belong together” by gavin Degraw, is a great song. I know this is your opinion, but i think you, being the USELESS critic that you are, probably just listened to 5 seconds of it. It describes Tristan and Isolde’s true love for each other. NUMBER THREE, Sophia Miles was wonderful in this movie ( do you think you could’ve done better??) and James Franco doesn’t just have one facial expression. Over all, this was a great movie, and i know it can be cheesy at times, but otherwise, its a great movie ( not what i would call an EPIC, but a great move none the less)
I DISAGREE very much with the utter stupidity of Snyder’s review.

No, thank YOU! That was a great letter, maybe a little bad in parts, but otherwise a great letter (not a FANTASTIC letter, of course, but a great one nonetheless). Really, I mean it, a great letter — notwithstanding its flaws, which are noticeable — but overall a great letter.