‘Ask Eric Stuff’ questions needed for mockery

A few months back I asked whether “Snide Remarks” readers enjoy the “Ask Eric Stuff” columns that appear every now and then. The question was prompted by a reader who said she didn’t like them, and being a man of the people, I wanted to see what the consensus was.

Of the people who e-mailed me, only two said they thought I should discontinue the feature. The rest said they liked it, or at least tolerated it and could see its value in the world. So the feature continues! Which is good, because I was totally going to keep doing it anyway.

I mention it now because I need you creative readers to submit some questions for use as fodder in future columns. Go to this page for the submission form. That page also has links to past “Ask Eric Stuff” columns, for your perusing pleasure.

Please do NOT submit questions by posting them as comments on this blog. Also, note that “funny” questions don’t work, comedy-wise. They need to be straightforward, normal questions — such as someone might actually ask an advice columnist — in order to work as set-ups for my awesomely hilarious punchlines.

I thank you in advance.