Bad poetry, but it’s about a wedding, not 9/11

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“Did you really let your mom write our wedding announcement?” “I didn’t have a choice! Just keep smiling!”

Our series on Bad 9-11 Poetry is over (check the archives to relive the magic), but a faithful reader named Katie sent in this gem that is just as bad. It was a wedding announcement in The (Logan, Utah) Herald Journal for Kimi Wiser and Pete Harris, and for some reason it was written in rhyme. I don’t know what they were thinking, but it demands to be read by a wider audience.

* * * * *

If you want to hear of their fortune and fame
It all started when they met at a soccer game
He thought she was hot she thought so too
But after the first date it was through
He was scared she didn’t care
Being just high school seniors they didn’t dare.
Years later he went on a mission
All the way to Korea a far away nation
When he got home she went on one too
Down to San Diego where the ocean is blue
They forgot each other were alive
Who knew their love would survive.
She had finished school a long time ago
He on the other hand was going real slow
Then one day they finally met, again
Then marriage wasn’t a question of how, but when,
They didn’t like each other quite at first
But between them love soon burst.
Now they have the chance to say
That they are happy to announce this special day
To all those far and near
That this happy day is finally here
March the Tenth is the day to remember
In the Logan Temple where marriage is forever.
Parents of the groom: Buddy and Carol Harris
Parents of the bride: Steve and Teresa Wiser