‘Bewitched,’ Bothered and Bewildered

For further proof that the MPAA is arbitrary and insane in the way it dispenses ratings, look at the explanation it attached to the PG-13 for “Bewitched”: “Some language, including sex and drug references, and partial nudity.” First of all, I don’t know what partial nudity they’re talking about. Whatever it is, it’s something innocuous and non-sexual. But even better is their mention of “drug references.” You want to know what they’re referring to? The part where Will Ferrell, as an egotistical TV actor, is stunned at how low his scores were in the audience survey and he says, “Were they high? Were they smoking crack?” He goes on about that for another couple lines, but that’s it. That’s your “drug references.” Good thing he didn’t say he’d like to go punch those audience members in the face, or else the film would be cited for “violent references,” too.