Clearance sale on ‘Snide Remarks II: Electric Boogaloo’

In 1999, I published “Snide Remarks II: Electric Boogaloo,” a compilation of 20 columns that had been published over the previous two years in The Daily Universe, BYU’s student newspaper and birthplace of “Snide Remarks.”

The book sold well at the cover price of $7, and continues to sell in trickles, even though many years have passed since its initial printing.

But now I am tired of the book.

There are 255 copies of it, including a cache I’d forgotten about that I have just discovered, currently occupying valuable space in my apartment. I want them gone. I want them out of here. And I want them out of here NOW.

So from now until they are gone, all copies of this book are selling for $5 instead of $7, and there are NO SHIPPING AND HANDLING CHARGES!

That’s right, $5 gets you the book, autographed by me and mailed to your home, dorm or cellblock. Give me a sawbuck or a personal check, or send me $5 through Paypal, and the book is yours.

Only 255 left — too many to be sitting in boxes in my closet, but too few for you to put off buying them. Because once they are gone, they are GONE, forever, no more printings. The same thing happened with Volume 1 last year, and woeful is the weeping of the people who procrastinated buying a copy.

The easiest method: Go to Paypal and send $5 to Be sure to include your mailing address, and put “BOOK” somewhere so I know what you’re buying.

You can also mail $5 to:

Eric D. Snider
[redacted for historical purposes]
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Thank you, and happy buying!


P.S. For details on what the book contains, visit this page.