Delightful names of dead people

One of my favorite pastimes is skimming the obituaries for hilarious names. This is especially fun in Utah, where the locals have a penchant for coming up with crazy things to call their children, and have for well over a century.

These all appeared in today’s Salt Lake Tribune:

Betha Orinda Allred Gunther, age 90
Orton Stephen Cochrane, age 87
Rintha Jane North Burns, age 89
Venna McQuivey, age 88
Raynell A. Loboto, 62 (“Raynell” is apparently a boy’s name, by the way)
Legia Eliza Mendenhall Johnson, age 77

How many people do you know named Betha, Orton, Rintha, Venna, Raynell or Legia? Zero? Yeah, me too.