Angry Letters: ‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman’

Like most film critics, I reviewed “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” last month, and like most film critics, I thought it was absolutely crap. This has not stopped it from being remarkably successful at the box office, almost exclusively through widespread support throughout the black community. Some lovers of the film take the movie very personally and write angry, poorly spelled e-mails to film critics….

From: vanessaporchia@____
Date: February 28, 2005 8:45:24 PM MST
Subject: your words

we are not use to words like this it was a great movie and millions of people love even some white folks. it was a movie we enjoyed, and your negative words only make us stronger as in years ago [Really? You’re going to compare white film critics dissing “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” to white people enslaving and subsequently discriminating against black people? Really?], we will still march on and i will pray that tyler perry keep strong because he has a lot of support from a lot of americans, you critics need a real job, because you do not know was good and what is not, you only go by what is in your selfis hearts [And what was in MY selfis hearts was that this movie was terrible], no matter what hollywood says, i will see this movie over and over again and when it comes out on dvd i will buy, the diary of a mad black women. love it love it i give it 10 stars above any movie made in hollywood. you have a nice day

From: Jeremy Jefferson jr29boy@____
Subject: (movie) Diary of a Mad black Woman Review
Date: March 14, 2005 10:01:36 AM MST

I cannot believe the review you gave for The Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Stating that the character of Madea belongs in a In Living Color skit is a racist, and ignorant move. [Ah, the knee-jerk cries of “racism.” “In Living Color” distinguished itself by having an almost all-black cast and by doing over-the-top, outrageous characters. To say that Madea fits that description is not racist, you idiot. And as for “ignorant,” I’d say true ignorance is 1) not knowing the real definition of racism, and 2) crying “racism” every time you get mad at somebody.] Who are you anyway to slander such a movie. [I am Eric D. Snider.] You know nothing about Madea, Tyler Perry or any of his plays to make such a snap judgement. [Don’t have to know anything about his plays to write a review of his movie. The movie must stand on its own.] It was rude and who actually cares what the hell you thik anyway. [Well, obviously you do.] If you noticed, the title of the movie was The Diary of a Mad BLACK Woman. [Wha–?! Oh, man. I totally didn’t see that. I’ll take down my review at once. How embarrassing. By the way, does this mean that you, Jeremy Jefferson, are not allowed to criticize movies about white people?] Henceforth you could only fully understand and relate if you were African-American, not some rich White man with a homemade website. [Heavens, now I’m rich? I wonder if he just thinks all white people are rich, or if my homemade Web site is so fantastic, he assumes it was produced at a cost of thousands of dollars?] I think your bashing of the movie was harsh and unecessary.

From: Kimberly Bell bradleyindia2003@____
Subject: (general) sad
Date: March 15, 2005 11:02:40 AM MST

Hello, I too am a young, black woman and I find your review offensive. Everybody goes through different trials of life. That is why this movie so believable. Unless you know someone who has gone through this, you don’t know what you are talking about. [I’m not sure which “this” she wants me to have gone through. Having a wealthy husband who suddenly and viciously drags me out of the house one night, even though he’s a lawyer and knows that such behavior will make him look bad in divorce court? Having a grandmother who looks, speaks and acts like an “In Living Color” sketch? Are these common experiences within the black community?] How dare you hate on this movie. Its about saving souls not violence. [I agree it’s not about violence. Did I say it was about violence?] I have seen many “white america” movies and sometimes black people can’t identify with it. But you know what, there is a god, a forgiving god. I hope you are god-fearing, because without him, you are nothing because he brought you into this world, and he can take you out. [Indeed. He even overlooks it when you spell his name with lower-case letters.]