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We’re about to run headlong into Thanksgiving, and you know what happens after that: 33 days of relentless Christmas shopping!

Many of us do a lot of our buying through, and there’s a simple way you can do that and support at the same time. Every time you click an Amazon link from here and subsequently buy something — even if it’s not the item you originally clicked on — I get a small commission. These small commissions help do things like pay our hosting costs, feed the Laotian kids who work in my sweatshop, etc.

So when you feel an Amazon mood settling upon you, simply come to first, go up to the “Buy Stuff” tab at the top of the page, and click the “Shop on” link. That takes you to the regular Amazon front page, and any shopping you do will count as a referral from me. In the process, you win my undying gratitude. What more could you want?

(You can also save the Amazon link as a bookmark in your browser. However, you have to make sure your browser has saved the entire coded URL —

— and not just a basic