Drunk, crazy Kiefer Sutherland

I hadn’t heard this story, but apparently last December, Kiefer Sutherland destroyed a hotel lobby Christmas tree. (He was drunk, obviously.) Well, a new documentary, “I Trust You to Kill Me,” about the rock band Kiefer manages (Rocco DeLuca & the Burden), contains footage of the incident, and when Kiefer appeared on a British talk show recently to promote the film, that’s the clip he chose to bring along.

The indispensable gossip site Defamer has it here.

You MUST watch it. It’s hilarious, particularly the two lines of dialogue immediately preceding the attack.

In a related story, crazy drunk Kiefer has been trying to get as many people as possible to see this film, which at this point does not have a distribution deal. A friend of mine reports that her brother, a member of the band Maroon 5, was recently among those accosted by Kiefer on an L.A. street and brought back to his house — a converted warehouse — to watch the film. Kiefer was completely wasted at the time, and practically begging everyone to stick around and hang out.

I love drunk Kiefer Sutherland. I love that he doesn’t care about his public image or about covering up potentially embarrassing incidents. Any other celebrity would be mortified if he or she were caught destroying a Christmas tree in a stupor. What does Kiefer do? He shows the footage on TV.

I think the next season of “24” should include drunk Kiefer. Maybe the season starts at 1 a.m., and Jack Bauer is at a nightclub, totally smashed. He’s drunk for the first few hours of the crisis, behaving even more recklessly than usual. He sobers up by 6 or 7 a.m., of course, but then maybe he starts drinking again at 10 p.m., so the season can end with him sauced, too.

“Hey Kiefer, you’re a pirate, man.”
“That would explain everything.”