Eric D. Snider programming updates

Things are hoppin’ over here at Eric D. Snider headquarters! The Laotian kids who work in my sweatshop are barely able to keep up with the demand. This calls for some reorganization — but don’t worry, nothing is being discontinued. (A column being discontinued would be a weird thing for you to worry about anyway.)

My overlords at have requested that we rearrange my schedule with them, which I’d been contemplating on my own for a while. “Eric’s Bad Movies,” previously a Thursday feature, will now appear on Mondays, while “What’s the Big Deal?” moves from Tuesday to Thursday. “Re-Views” stays on Wednesday.

In conjunction with this, I’m moving “Snide Remarks” from Monday to Tuesday. Part of the reason is that “Eric’s Bad Movies” is on Monday now, and I’d rather not have the two jokey-joke ha-ha columns run on the same day, even though they’re on different websites. Another reason, as you might have noticed, is that I have trouble delivering “Snide Remarks” first thing Monday morning anyway. To do so requires me either to work on Sunday (which I want to avoid) or to have it done by Saturday night (which is generally not possible for a variety of mundane reasons). Moving it to Tuesday will enable me to start my workweek in a mode other than panic. This will be a refreshing change.

So here is the lineup for the new fall season of programming:

Monday: “Eric’s Bad Movies,” in which I make fun of a bad movie. Pretty straightforward, really. (

Tuesday: “Snide Remarks,” in which I talk about whatever I want, theoretically with the intention of producing comedy. (

Wednesday: “Re-Views,” in which I find a movie that I either loved or hated many years ago but never watched a second time, and watch it a second time. This is evolving into a column about how a film critic’s brain works, and might only be of interest to film critics. Luckily, there are at least a million film critics in the world, so I have plenty of potential readers. (

Thursday: “What’s the Big Deal?,” in which I choose a “classic” movie and try to figure out what the big deal about it is. (

Friday: “One Year Ago,” in which we reflect on what films opened exactly a year earlier, and what ever became of them. (

New movie reviews will continue to appear on Friday, of course, as specified in the Constitution. I also do a random free-floating column at every week that runs wherever there’s a slot. You can always check my blog over the weekend for a roundup of links to everything I wrote over the previous seven days, lest you miss even one precious word to drip from my Internet pen.

Thank you for your support! Feedback and baked goods are always welcome.