Eric helps make fun of Police Beat

Over at the Mormon-themed blog By Common Consent, a few of the merry jesters occasionally do a feature where they read items from the Police Beat column in the BYU newspaper and make fun of them. Which is what everyone who reads Police Beat does, of course; these guys just do it online, for everyone to read.

I was their special guest this week, and you can read the transcript of our observations here. Be forewarned: Some of the talk is fairly PG. I also made a joke about rape, which apparently some people don’t think is funny. Which is news to me! But they went back and bleeped that part after some of the readers complained, replacing it with “do something highly objectionable.” Is that all rape is? “Highly objectionable”? The people on “Law & Order: SVU” always make it out to be a lot worse than that. Huh.

Anyway: Enjoy the Police Beat Roundtable! And be sure to scold me for making jokes about taboo things!