Eric is lucky, whoever he is

I got this strange e-mail:

Hi Eric,

My best friend is really in love with you when she heard about your car crash she was sad then happy that god saved you .SHE HAS ALL YOUR PICTURES!!!! and thinks your wife(or ex) was really lucky. Please email me saying hi or watever because I want to show her the emal as a birthday present because her birthday is in 2 days.

Thank You,

At first I thought this was merely an instance of someone seeing a celebrity mentioned on this site and mistakenly (stupidly) believing the site to be affiliated with that person. But then I noticed: She addresses the e-mail “Dear Eric.” So the celebrity Zeena thinks I am is someone with the same first name as me.

And now I’m dying to know: Who did she think I was? Which celebrity Eric has recently suffered a car accident? So I Googled a few of the famous Erics I could think of off the top of my head, along with the words “car accident,” and discovered that Eric Bana crashed a car during a race a few weeks ago. Mystery solved. Except for the mystery of why Zeena thought was the website for Eric Bana.