Eric was on the radio! You missed it!

If you happened to be listening to Portland’s KUFO (“the only station that really rocks,” don’t you know) Friday evening at around 6, you surely heard me reviewing “Miami Vice” on the Cort & Fatboy Show. My pal Mike Russell (backup guy for The Oregonian) is their usual Friday night reviewer, but he hadn’t seen “Miami Vice,” so he called me in to be his tag-team partner.

It’s actually a long-running joke now that every week, Mike hasn’t seen one of the pivotal films. Our friend Dawn Taylor has been his partner several times now, but she hadn’t seen the movie either. And so it fell to me.

It was fun. I like doing radio. Cort and Fatboy are both nice and funny and not all radio-y like a lot of DJs are.

In case you didn’t happen to be in Portland listening to KUFO Friday evening, Cort and Fatboy have the entire incident available for your listening pleasure on their Web site — here, specifically. Mike and I are just a few minutes into it. The nice thing about the podcast version is that the heavy metal songs KUFO plays aren’t included: It’s just Cort and Fatboy, in all their Corty, Fatty goodness.