now WANTS reader feedback!

We enabled comments on this blog a few weeks back, and now the process has been implemented throughout the entire site. That means you can now post a comment on any “Snide Remarks” column or movie review, old or new. Heck, you could go back and post comments on very old, pre-“Snide Remarks” columns or theater reviews if you wanted to. Any article on the site! The world is your oyster!

Note that this is a reversal of our previous position, which was that we didn’t care what you thought. Now we care, deeply.

Kudos to my li’l bro Jeff for doing the geek work involved in making this happen. Also, kudos to me for writing big piles of words for people to comment on.

Comment away!

(Standard rules apply: No cussing, no vulgarity, no fighting. Comments from first-time contributors are subject to approval before they are posted. Spammers will be hunted and killed by mercenaries. If symptoms persist, discontinue use and consult a physician. Apply directly to the forehead.)