Eric’s Bad Movies at ‘Leonard Part 6’ (1987)

You could make a pretty strong case for Bill Cosby being the most successful and TV icon of all time. His shows include “The Bill Cosby Show” (1969-71), “The New Bill Cosby Show” (a variety show, 1972-73), “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” (1972-76, with later incarnations), “Cos” (another variety show, 1976), “The Cosby Show” (1984-92), “The Cosby Mysteries” (1994-95), and “Cosby” (1996-2000) — and those are just the ones with his name in the title. There was also “I Spy,” “The Electric Company,” and “Captain Kangaroo” (Picture Pages!).

Yet when it comes to movies, his most famous contributions are two huge disasters: “Ghost Dad” and “Leonard Part 6.” It is “Leonard Part 6,” an awful spy comedy from 1987, that we address this week in Eric’s Bad Movies at Enjoy Dr. Huxtable’s humiliation!