Eric’s Bad Movies: ‘Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend’ (1985)

Dinosaurs, or at least their cheap-looking equivalents, are at the heart of this week’s edition of “Eric’s Bad Movies” at It’s “Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend,” a throwaway offering from Disney in 1985 that stars William Katt, best known for playing the lead in TV’s “The Greatest American Hero.” He appears in the film shorn of his trademark curly blond afro, however.

Do other people approximately my age (33) remember this film? I never saw it, but I vividly remember the commercials for it, and the title and premise have always been at the back of my mind. Maybe it made a big impression on me because it involved dinosaurs, which are very cool to 10-year-olds. What I never realized at the time was that the movie is really, really bad.

Next week’s film will be timely and appropriate. That’s your only clue.