Eric’s Bad Movies: ‘D-War: Dragon Wars’ (2007)

This week’s edition of Eric’s Bad Movies at deals with the redundantly titled “D-War: Dragon Wars,” a direct-to-video movie that somehow finagled its way into actual theaters in 2007. This is the most recent film I’ve done in Eric’s Bad Movies — usually things from the 2000s are off-limits because I reviewed them when they came out. But “D-War: Dragon Wars” wasn’t screened for critics when it opened (big surprise), and I never got around to seeing it until now. It’s been sitting there, ripe, awaiting mockery all this time.

Then there is What’s the Big Deal? at, this week addressing Charlie Chaplin’s “City Lights” (1931), one of the best films from the silent era. (Actually, it came out after the silent era. That’s one of the interesting aspects covered in the article. Go read it.)