Eric’s Bad Movies: ‘Dracula 2000’ (2000)

Since it’s vampire week in America, I’ve focused my columns on a fellow by the name of Dracula. What’s the Big Deal? on Tuesday was about the original Bela Lugosi “Dracula,” and today’s edition of Eric’s Bad Movies is on “Dracula 2000,” a modern addition to the canon.

I broke one of my guidelines with “Dracula 2000,” since I also reviewed it when it came out theatrically. But I wanted to do something vampire-related, and it was clear from re-reading my review that I had not fully explored all the ways in which this particular movie sucks. Also, I wasn’t able to share the preposterous conclusion in the review, since reviews aren’t supposed to be spoiler-y, but I have no such compunction with Eric’s Bad Movies. Enjoy, won’t you?