Eric’s Bad Movies: ‘Grease 2’ (1982)

If “Grease” was “the one that I want,” its sequel is “the one that I had to watch in two one-hour chunks because I couldn’t stand to sit through it all at once.” Yes, it’s “Grease 2” week for Eric’s Bad Movies at Enjoy.

Someone correctly guessed this last week. Good for that person! A few people also guessed “Jaws: The Revenge” (aka “Jaws IV”), which fit the criteria I gave but didn’t happen to be the right answer. I promise that film will appear in Eric’s Bad Movies soon, though.

(Another guess was “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2,” which didn’t quite match the clues. Its star, Dennis Hopper, has since been nominated for one Oscar, not multiple Oscars.)

No guessing game for next week because I’m not sure which movie it’s going to be. So we’ll all be surprised together!

Oh, and thanks for posting comments about “Grease 2” at rather than here. It doesn’t take much to become a “most commented” article over there, so I appreciate the boost, as it makes my bosses think I’m more popular than I am.