Eric’s Bad Movies: ‘Howling II: …Your Sister Is a Werewolf’ (1985)

I know I am occasionally prone to make overstatements in this area, but “Howling II: …Your Sister Is a Werewolf” is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. It’s in the bottom 10 for sure. Film students should watch it to analyze how badly it’s shot, composed, and edited — seriously, I mean that. It would be very instructional for people who are learning how to make a film to see such a prime example of how not to do it.

Is is the subject of this week’s edition of Eric’s Bad Movies at, of course. If you search for “Howling II” at YouTube, you’ll find several edifying clips from the film, including the one where the priest gets attacked by the bat, and the one where Christopher Lee explains the plot.

The male lead in this film is Reb Brown, who would later star in something called “Space Mutiny.” When “Mystery Science Theater 3000” dealt with “Space Mutiny,” they made up a series of amusing names for Brown’s beefy character: Butch Deadlift, Fist Rockbone, Blast Thickneck, Big McLargehuge, etc. Do you want to see the entire list? Of course you do. (For my money, “Reb Brown” is a fairly entertaining name to begin with.)

We’ve been dealing with horror films for October, but next week’s entry will feature a horror of a different kind. It will also violate one of my major rules for Eric’s Bad Movies. Your final clue is that there’s a good reason I’m doing it next week as opposed to some other time. Any guesses?