Eric’s Bad Movies: ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ (1997)

The popularity of “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” featured in this week’s edition of Eric’s Bad Movies at, baffles me. This movie is not scary. It is barely even suspenseful. All four main characters behave stupidly for most of the film, not enough of them die, and one of them who does, does it offscreen. Nonetheless, it is one of the more financially successful films to be featured in Eric’s Bad Movies, so I suspect it will have its defenders, particularly among those who saw it as teenagers and have not seen it since then.

I guess I stumped everyone with my clue last week: “Next week’s movie, also a horror flick, features an actor who would later play a famous real-life outlaw on a TV series.” I was referring to Muse Watson, who plays the hook-wielding killer in this film and went on to play airplane-hijacker D.B. Cooper on “Prison Break.” (My follow-up clue referred to him as a “stealer of money,” which is probably somewhat misleading. The money he made off with was ransom given to him by the government, which technically means it was extorted, not stolen. Sorry about that.)

Next week’s film is a horror sequel from the mid 1980s. Normally I would just do the original film, not the sequel, but the original is actually pretty decent. Besides, the sequel has a title that literally makes me laugh out loud: “[Blank] II: [Hilarious subtitle].” I haven’t watched it yet, so I’m not sure if the subtitle actually appears onscreen, or if it’s just “[Blank] II.” Anyway, it’s listed the hilarious way at IMDB, and it stars a man who also appeared in not one but two hugely successful film franchises. Is that enough to go on?