Eric’s Bad Movies: ‘It’s Pat’ (1994)

Brüno and Borat may have been successful as movie versions of TV characters (they both came from Sacha Baron Cohen’s HBO series “Da Ali G Show”), but the cinematic landscape is littered with people who failed to make the leap from the small screen to the big one. And most of those failures have “Saturday Night Live” in their pedigree, including “It’s Pat,” which is the subject of this week’s edition of Eric’s Bad Movies at

I’ve tried to avoid comedies in this feature for the simple reason that it’s hard to make fun of something that already doesn’t take itself seriously. About all you can say, usually, is, “Boy, this comedy sure isn’t funny!” “It’s Pat” is even worse fodder because it seems to be set in a sketch-comedy world rather than the real world, so pointing out things that are unrealistic seems superfluous. What I’m getting at is that the column was really, really hard this week. I don’t know why I broke my rule about not doing comedies. When will I learn my lesson?