Eric’s Bad Movies: ‘Judge Dredd’ (1995)

I hope you appreciate my restraint in limiting Sylvester Stallone’s appearances in Eric’s Bad Movies to once every few months or so. Between him and Van Damme, I could keep myself occupied for a year. Sly shows up in this week’s entry, “Judge Dredd,” a futuristic action disaster from 1995, and so does Rob Schneider, which seems altogether wrong.

Speaking of Eric’s Bad Movies, I put out a call for suggestions earlier this week, and y’all have been responding with some good ones! (And by good, of course I mean terrible. Good for the column, terrible to watch.) Feel free to keep ’em coming, though it will help the Laotian kids in my sweatshop narrow things down if you’ll note the guidelines before making your recommendations. In a nutshell: it needs to be awful, a theatrical release, not too obscure, not already reviewed by me, and generally considered bad not just by you but by people in general. I know that narrows it down a lot, so don’t feel bad if you can’t think of anything. Thanks for your suggestions!