Eric’s Bad Movies: ‘Surf Ninjas’ (1993)

“Surf Ninjas,” ladies and gentlemen. “Surf Ninjas.” That’s the offender in this week’s edition of Eric’s Bad Movies at I’m sure what I’ve written fails to describe exactly how punishing this movie is. There’s nothing worse than a bad comedy. NOTHING.

I see that it opened on Aug. 20, 1993, the same day as Jean-Claude Van Damme’s “Hard Target,” which I distinctly remember seeing in theaters and which I would not be surprised to see turn up in Eric’s Bad Movies someday. “Hard Target” was a box office success, though, while “Surf Ninjas” was an instant flop, so at least there’s occasionally some justice in the world. My “thanks” (I think) to the numerous people who have suggested “Surf Ninjas” as EBM fodder over the last 18 months. I knew you were right; I was just putting it off.