Eric’s Bad Movies: ‘The Care Bears Movie’ (1985)

It’s kind of fun to have Eric’s Bad Movies at be thematically linked to one of the week’s new releases. If nothing else, it helps me choose subjects for the column, a process that would otherwise be fairly random. So this week, in vague conjunction with the new animated “Ice Age” movie hitting theaters, Eric’s Bad Movies deals with “The Care Bears Movie,” which hit theaters 24 years ago and became the most lucrative non-Disney animated feature up to that point. That wasn’t much of a feat, since hardly anyone besides Disney even tried animation in those days, but still.

I seem to be doing a lot of children’s movies lately in Eric’s Bad Movies at That’s probably because so many children’s movies are awful. The people who make them seem to think that since kids are their target audience, that means the movies don’t have to make sense. Note that Michael Bay follows the same policy, and is rewarded for it. Michael Bay thinks of his fans the same way the makers of bad kids’ movies think of kids. Ponder that, “Transformers” defenders.