Eric’s Bad Movies: ‘The Garbage Pail Kids Movie’ (1987)

As further evidence that 1987 was one of the worst years in film history, this week’s edition of Eric’s Bad Movies at covers “The Garbage Pail Kids Movie,” an astonishingly misbegotten failure from August of that year. (True fact: It came out the same day as “Dirty Dancing.”) This is the sixth movie from 1987 to be addressed in 52 editions of Eric’s Bad Movies; only 1997, with seven entries, has been represented more often.

I was just the right age, 11 or 12, when the Garbage Pail Kids trading cards came along, and I LOVED them. All the kids did. (All the boys, anyway.) Our idle moments in school were spent looking at them and discussing them and trying to find the elusive cards that would complete our collections. Everyone was also eager to find a card featuring their own name, and I remember being disappointed when there was finally an Eric card and it was so lame: Eerie Eric, a werewolf boy. Not even a good pun or anything, just alliteration. Meh.