Eric’s Bad Movies: ‘Waterworld’ (1995)

We’ve reached a milestone in Eric’s Bad Movies at, as this week’s column — “Waterworld,” the ambitious flop from 1995 starring Kevin Costner — is the 50th entry in the series. That means a year has gone by since we started (there were two vacation weeks in there somewhere), way back on April 3, 2008. Fifty bad movies a year is the FDA-approved recommended annual allowance.

Sorry for the radio silence the last several days, by the way. SXSW was a blast, as always, followed by a weekend trip to Houston to see a friend, which was also fun. But I returned home to find a huge pile of things that needed to get done — and I also, at some point, decided to run for a position on the Governing Committee of the Online Film Critics Society. The politics involved there have been much more time-consuming (not to mention rancorous) than you would think. Anyway, next week should be back to normal, more or less, whatever that means.