Eric’s Bad Movies & What’s the Big Deal? – Feb. 25

One of the earliest subjects of Eric’s Bad Movies at was “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.” I knew in my heart that “Superman III” was also a good candidate, but I resisted it because I had fond memories of it from my childhood. I was 9 when it came out, and I’m pretty sure I hadn’t seen it since then. I was concerned that it might not be bad enough for Eric’s Bad Movies. Then I watched it the other day and within five minutes realized I had nothing to worry about. Holy crap, what an awful thing this is. I didn’t even write about several significant bad elements of it, just because I didn’t want the piece to be 8,000 words long. Anyway, here’s “Superman III” at

My other weekly column, What’s the Big Deal?, is about “Rashomon” (1950), which introduced Japanese cinema to the rest of the world. All those “Godzilla” movies? Totally “Rashomon’s” fault. YOU’RE WELCOME.