Eric’s Bad Movies & What’s the Big Deal? – March 11

Someone suggested the 1986 horror comedy “House” as a candidate for Eric’s Bad Movies, and while it looked promising — some fairly negative reviews, William Katt from “The Greatest American Hero” as its star — it wasn’t an obvious slam-dunk like some films are. So I called my friend Scott Weinberg, who has seen every horror film ever made, to get his expert opinion. He said it probably wasn’t bad enough for Eric’s Bad Movies, but if I wanted something REALLY awful I should check out the sequel, “House II: The Second Story.”

This I did. On the one hand, Weinberg’s advice proved to be highly useful, as “House II: The Second Story” — which has nothing whatsoever to do with the first “House” — is indeed terrible. But on the other hand, Weinberg advised me to watch “House II: The Second Story,” which is not something that a person should ever encourage a friend to do. It’s an excruciating movie, full of bad comedy done badly and a story that makes absolutely no sense. It caused much moaning and agony in the Eric D. Snider Memorial Screening Room. (Yes, I have named my screening room after myself, and in memory of me, even though I have not yet died.)

Meanwhile, for What’s the Big Deal? this week I covered “Rebel Without a Cause,” a noteworthy film from 1955. Several people mentioned it last week when I asked for suggestions for this column; coincidentally, it was already on my schedule anyway. We think alike, you people who suggested it and me.

These columns will not appear next week because of South By Southwest, which I will be at.