Eric’s CDs are available again! Sort of!

Did you know I wrote and recorded a bunch of comedy songs? Well I did! And they were on two CDs for a while, until I sold all of them (and printed some more … and then sold all of those), and then they became, officially, “out of print.” But now they have returned in digital form, thanks to an online outfit called Snocap.

It works essentially like iTunes: You can download an entire album for $9.99, or individual tracks for 99 cents. You can hear a 30-second sample for free. (For some reason it’s the first 30 seconds of each track on one album, but a random from-the-middle 30-second chunk for the songs on the other album.) Click the + sign next to the album titles to reveal the full track list, and pick ‘n’ choose whatever you want. I’ve noted the songs that deal with Utah and/or Mormon culture specifically, in case you want to only choose (or only avoid) those.

Liner notes for the songs can be found here for “Will Make Jokes for Food” (2003) and here for “Monkeys and Pirates Are Funny” (2006).

I’m going to try to the get the old Garrens Comedy Troupe CDs on here, too, once I’ve cleared it with the various other people involved. Figuring out who gets what percentage of the 99 cents per track is going to be a b-word. Maybe I just won’t tell some of the performers what I’m doing and keep the dozens of dollars I get all for myself.

Let me know if there are any bugs in the system. Snocap seems to have a pretty good set-up, but it’s all new to me, so I don’t know what problems there might be.

(My Snocap store should appear in the space below. If it doesn’t, try reloading the page. You might have to wait several seconds for the store to load.)