Eric’s friends are funny: Sack Lunch TV

Several of my Utah-based friends are involved in something called Sack Lunch TV, whose output so far is three amusing sketches that have been filmed and uploaded to the Interwebs, where you can view them.

The sketches are called “Humble Pie,” “The Man Date,” and “Cheesebigot.” I think all three of them are funny, albeit in varying degrees.


“Humble Pie” (above) has the potential for being the very funniest, except that the editors have partially ruined the effect by having the sketch’s title appear in big, jokey letters at the end, accompanied by too-silly music. Lose that and I think you’ve got something. (The actors in that one are, from left to right, Chris Clark, Jake Suazo, and Matt Mattson. If you put me in a room with those three guys, within 10 minutes I would be laughing until I was peeing. For real.)


“The Man Date,” starring Jake Suazo and Brett Merritt (putting Brett in that room cuts the pee time down to five minutes), needs a different ending. It definitely does not need the clowny-happy music that the editors have used. I’m just sayin’.


Finally, “Cheesebigot,” featuring Chris, Jake, and Brett, is probably my favorite. It has about four different jokes going on at once, some of them contradictory (the guy with the Mexican accent is apparently bigoted toward Mexicans…?), and … well, it’s just funny.

Anyway, there’s Sack Lunch TV. If you enjoy the sketches, tell your friends. If you don’t enjoy them, tell no one. NO ONE!