Everything I Wrote in 2017


With the birth of Crooked Marquee, where for some reason I am the editor, this year I scaled back my writing for other sites and concentrated on that one and this one (the one you’re reading now, EricDSnider.com). Here’s everything I produced that wasn’t a movie review.

Your 2017 Movie Preview (1/5). Enjoy the jokes in hindsight.

My 2017 Sundance Film Festival Diary (2/6). An abbreviated version of something I used to do regularly, and which I’ll be doing more of at Sundance 2018.

Tale As Old As Time: Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Gay Nontroversy (3/14) Remember this li’l brouhaha? People were concerned that Gaston’s lackey LeFou might be gay.

Time Capsule: ‘Porky’s’ Is 35 Years Old (3/21). A look back at a trendsetting raunch-com.

50 Movie Titles That Sound Like Love-Making Techniques (4/4). I should not be as proud of this as I am. (Just kidding, yes I should.)

What You Missed at The Overlook Film Festival (5/2). I got to attend a new horror festival in a fun venue: the Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood, the exteriors of which appear in the film “The Shining.”

40 Things That Happened Because of ‘Star Wars’ (5/25). This was for the Vanity Fair website, but they reprinted it in December in a special-edition magazine about “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” I’m fancy!

The Pitch Meeting for ‘The Mummy’ (6/9). The most widely read thing I wrote this year, by a mile.

‘Dunkirk’ vs. ‘Valerian’ vs. ‘Girls Trip’: How to Tell the Difference (7/21). I really enjoyed writing these jokes and hope to exploit this format again soon.

Get Off My Plane and Lawn: ‘Air Force One’ Turns 20 (7/25). Vote Harrison Ford in 2020.

Movie Articles We Rejected This Summer (8/22). This was a bit inside, aimed mostly at people who spend a lot of time reading (or writing for) movie websites. (But there’s like a million people that applies to.)

Which Wrong Lessons Will Hollywood Learn from ‘It’? (9/11). Get ready for more Maine settings and clowns!

Report from a Beleaguered Fantastic Fest (9/30). I was pleased with how this piece turned out, summarizing a complex event clearly and (I hope) entertainingly.

Sequels to Movies from 1982 That Would Do at Least As Well As ‘Blade Runner 2049’ (10/9). Fake movies for laffs.

How to Tell This Weekend’s 5 Movies Apart (10/20). More fun jokes.

An Obsessive’s Guide to the ‘Halloween’ Movies (10/30). I do so enjoy things like this. Good thing, because they are TIME CONSUMING.

The ‘Halloween’ Franchise: By the Numbers (10/30). Second part of the previous item.

The Pitch Meeting for ‘Olaf’s Frozen Adventure’ (11/28). The press screenings for “Coco” didn’t include the Olaf short. When it came out and everyone hated it, I went and paid money to see it so I could write this. You’re welcome.

10 Good Movies from 2017 That Made Less Than $1 Million at the Box Office (12/27). Some under-the-radar recommendations.