Free Chips

I recently had occasion to eat at Rio Grande in Salt Lake City. It was my second time there, and I can’t foresee going back, ever again, even if dragged by strong mechanical pulling devices, or bewitched by some kind of spell.

The service was slow both times, but more appalling, this is a Mexican restaurant, and they CHARGE you for the chips and salsa! For a Mexican place, charging for chips and salsa is like charging for silverware and plates.

And they don’t warn you, either. The waitress says, “Would you like some chips and salsa?,” and you say yes, because it’s a Mexican restaurant, and of course you want chips and salsa. You have no reason to think there might be a charge for it, because that would be INSANE, to charge for it.

Dear Mexican restaurants that charge for chips and salsa: I hate you. May you burn in hell. Love, Eric.

By the way, Jacinto’s in Provo not only gives you free chips and salsa, but ALSO gives you free fresh-made TORTILLAS, with honey and butter if you so desire. They also have Diet Dr Pepper there, which as you know tastes more like regular Dr Pepper. (Tastes more like it than what does? Than water does? Well, obviously.) You get so full on chips and salsa and tortillas that you barely have room for the entree. One of these days I want to go in and just order a Diet Dr Pepper and see if they’ll let me get full on all the free stuff, but I’m kind of afraid the answer will be no. I’d rather go on living with the sweet fantasy that it COULD happen.