Free Taco Bell tomorrow!

Hey, taco fans! Don’t forget that tomorrow (Tuesday) from 2-5 p.m., every person in America is entitled to eat a free taco at Taco Bell! (Note I said “entitled,” not “obligated.”)

This is because Taco Bell pledged that if someone stole a base during the World Series, they’d give everybody a taco. And sure enough, someone named “Jacoby Ellsbury” on a team called the “Boston Red Sox” stole second base during Game 2.

There are a couple of downsides. One, it’s Taco Bell. Two, it’s only for the regular hard-shell taco, not the better-tasting soft taco. But hey, it’s free, and while you only get one, there’s nothing stopping you from going to every Taco Bell in town, or as many as necessary before you’re not hungry anymore.

I like the legal mumbo-jumbo they had to put at the bottom of the web page promoting the giveaway. It’s pretty elaborate for a taco giveaway. One of the main points is that if you suffer harm from the taco, you won’t hold Major League Baseball liable. Your beef (ha!) is with Taco Bell. Duly noted.