Friday link roundup – April 15

This used to be the Friday Movie Roundup, a collection of links to my reviews and movie-related features from the previous week. But from now on it’s the Friday Roundup of Links to Many Types of Things (title still in development). It’ll still be the movie stuff, plus links to anything else I happen to have written that week (like “Snide Remarks”), plus links to things that aren’t mine but that I found amusing during the preceding seven days.

So if you don’t check the site hourly, or subscribe to the RSS feeds, or follow me on Twitter, you’ll still be in the loop as long as you remember to look at this blog once a week. If you can’t manage that, just give me your phone number and I’ll call you and tell you when there’s something I think you should read.

New movie reviews:
“Scream 4” (C)
“Rio” (B)
“The Conspirator” (C)
“American: The Bill Hicks Story” (B)

Movie columns:
Eric’s Bad Movies: “Johnny Mnemonic” (1995). I was astonished to realize that despite Keanu Reeves’ well-deserved reputation as a terrible actor, I’d never featured one of his movies in this column. Finally rectified that situation with a movie that I can remember watching on VHS in late 1995 at my friend Nick’s house, but of which I had no actual memories. []
What’s the Big Deal?: “Eraserhead” (1977). Goodness knows I don’t like weirdness just for weirdness’ sake, but David Lynch’s debut is mesmerizing. []
Why a New Pee-wee Herman Movie Is a Bad Idea. Come, let us reason together. []

My other stuff:
Snide Remarks: “Leaving in a Huff” — AOL’s new friend kills Cinematical

Miscellaneous merriment:
— Someone on Twitter called this “the ‘Troll 2’ of websites.” [Yvette’s Bridal Formal]
— One of my all-time favorite stupid lines of dialogue is in “The Fast and the Furious.” It involves the term “sandwich crazy.” [YouTube]
— An image-based name-the-movie game called Clockbusters. The only one I couldn’t get was the one with the old man napping, the motorcycle, and the boy in the bow tie. [Veer]
— From “Saturday Night Live,” Kristen Wiig as a Southwest Airlines flight attendant. Great example of how so-so writing can be made hilarious by sterling delivery. [Hulu]
— Stephen Colbert can’t keep a straight face talking about pap smears at Walgreens. [Colbert Nation]
How to fold a bandanna. Trust me, even if you don’t need to know how to fold a bandanna, you need to see this video. [YouTube]