Friday movie roundup (and Patreon update) – July 8

Greetings, friends who can read! (I have some who can’t. They aren’t reading this.) Here’s what we have this week: two new wide releases and a couple of catching-up reviews from before:

“Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” (R) B-
“The Secret Life of Pets” (PG) C-
“The Shallows” (PG-13) B
“The Purge: Election Year” (R) C+

This week’s episode of Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider also has talk of “Swiss Army Man” (B+), which I’ll write up shortly.

In other news, I’ve made some changes to the Patreon campaign. There used to be two reward levels, $10 and $15. For $10, you could demand that I review a specific movie from the last 365 days that I haven’t already reviewed. For $15, you got that plus Eric’s Personalized Movie Recommendation Service, where you can text me for advice and I’ll tell you what to watch.

Those are still the rewards, but I’ve lowered the amounts. The $10 is now $5, and the $15 is now $10. (If you pledged $15 just to get that reward, feel free to drop it down to $10.) I’m still just asking for $1 a month from everyone (on the premise that it’s such a small amount you won’t notice it missing), but I want to have incentives for those willing and able to pay more.

Finally, there’s a new Patreon goal. The old goal was to reach $1,000 a month, at which point I’d be able to guarantee reviews of every single wide release. Now that’s been lowered to $800 (we’re at just over $600 now), with a new milestone for when we break $1,000: the return of Eric’s Bad Movies!

Some of you who don’t care that much about current films but enjoy a good mocking of an old, bad one have asked for this. I’ve been itching to revive it, too, but it’s time-consuming, much more taxing than a straightforward movie review. So we have that to look forward to once we get to $1,000 a month. Thanks to those who have already become patrons and who will exert pressure on friends and family to do likewise!