Friday movie roundup – Dec. 22

‘Tis the season for a lot of movies. The podcast (link below) covers several of them, and the print version of “In the Dark” has even more. In no particular order, this week’s flicks are:

“Rocky Balboa,” in which Rocky fights his greatest opponent yet: the punk manager at the Sizzler who says that since he arrived after 4:30, it’s too late for the early-bird special.

“We Are Marshall,” another Inspiring Sports Drama about college football.

“Dreamgirls,” based on the Tony-winning Broadway musical of that name and in no way whatsoever similar to the real-life story of the Supremes.

“The Good Shepherd,” directed by Robert De Niro and starring Matt Damon as a CIA agent in the 1940-60s, even back before there was a CIA. That’s how old-school he is.

“Night at the Museum,” starring Ben Stiller as a security guard at a museum that goes all Jumanji every night.

Here is the podcast.

It is very late at night. I am sleepy now. Merry Christmas!