Friday movie roundup – Jan. 19

It was my intention to record podcasts for today’s and next week’s “In the Dark” before I left for the Sundance Film Festival. I was all excited about being ahead of the game, and being able to post podcasts even though I was away from my home base. But alas: There was TOO much work to be done before I could leave Portland, and I wanted to get a move on to avoid running into bad weather, so the podcasts had to be sacrificed. The e-mail version still went out, though, as will next week’s.

The only new wide release is a remake of the 1986 horror flick “The Hitcher,” which wasn’t screened for critics anyway. In lieu of that, you should take advantage of the fact that “The Queen” is expanding into a lot more theaters today, and “Letters from Iwo Jima” is spreading out a bit, too.

I’ll be posting my daily reports from Sundance, as has become tradition, so watch for those in this space starting Saturday.