Frowny face emoticon: No ‘Snide Remarks’ today

As foretold last week, there is no new “Snide Remarks” column today. You can well imagine my sadness over this fact. I’m on the road, on a bit of a “vacation,” you might say, except that I’m still doing some work. Just not “Snide Remarks.” So very sorry.

There probably won’t be one next Monday, either, but you never know. As I’m lazing about my parents’ house later this week, the mood might strike me and I might dash off an exceptionally witty bit of commentary. On the other hand, next Monday is Memorial Day, so not publishing anything would be a perfectly justifiable action on my part. It is all part of the mystery of being me!

I’ll still have some blog entries this week, more or less one per day as usual, so don’t forget about me entirely.

Finally, did you know that one (1) spider monkey weighs the same as 9.41 placentas? Or that it would take 720 giraffes’ necks to equal the Golden Gate Bridge? It’s true! These and many other important facts can be found at Weird Converter. Go amuse yourself there for a while.