Funny articles at Cinematical (not written by me)

A couple of my Cinematical pals posted articles this week that made me laugh. They might make you laugh, too, if you are a fairly hardcore movie buff.

First is Scott Weinberg’s response to the news that Hasbro and Universal are teaming up to make movies based on board games (including Candy Land). Weinberg (whose dental agony facilitated my recent trip to Mississippi, you may recall) provides seven other possible game-to-movie adaptations, including who would direct them. It’s the latter element that is most clever, in my opinion.

Then we have James Rocchi, the world’s politest Canadian, offering his Oscar predictions based on what he thinks Ernest Borgnine will vote for. Why Borgnine? Because Rocchi figures most of the Academy is like him: old, white, liberal, rich, and male. So when in doubt, ask yourself: What would Ernest Borgnine do? Rocchi writes in Borgnine’s voice, too, which makes it extra-funny.