How to listen to Movie B.S.

Jeff Bayer and I did the first edition of our new Internet show, “Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider,” last Friday on There were no reports of injuries or damages, and the studio was not on fire when we finished, so we consider it a success. At any rate, we’re doing another one this Friday at 11 a.m. (PDT), and every foreseeable Friday, until someone makes us stop.

There are several ways you can listen to this show!

– You can go to and listen live while it happens. This is the most funnest way, because you can send us instant messages that we might respond to on the air. (Correction: We’ll have that capability soon, maybe next week. We haven’t been entrusted with all the technical applications yet.)

– You can subscribe to the show at iTunes. Here’s a direct link. Or you can just search for “Movie B.S.” at iTunes. Ignore the “explicit” tag. Our show isn’t explicit. Apple requires that tag if you ever say more than the occasional “damn,” and we’re reserving the right to drop an S-word (Jeff said one last week!!) or maybe a B-word. We’re keeping it PG, anyway.

– You can go to our page at and listen to shows once they’re posted there, usually within a couple hours of broadcast.

Thanks to all who listened or downloaded last week! We had fun, and the show is bound to get better as we go. The pilot episode is never as good as the rest of the series, right? Maybe later in the season we’ll replace one of the characters (probably Jeff) with a sassy neighbor, or a talking donkey.