Hyperbole much?

At the Internet Movie Database, users are invited to register and post mini-reviews of any film they choose. I was tickled by this one, of the upcoming film “The Fountain.” As you read it, picture James Lipton of “Inside the Actors Studio” (or, if you prefer, Will Ferrell’s “SNL” impersonation of him) reciting it.

“The Fountain will go down in history as being the most poignant film of this Century. Dealing with many thoughts and themes most will be compelled to see this classic again and again. It leaves one with their soul on edge. Cunning in performance and production this masterpiece will certainly be on the short list for Oscar nominees. Hugh and Rachel have taken Life by the Spirit and Ran. Darren Aronofsky has surpassed all those critic’s who have said it could not be done. His creation here will put him in the record books for being the most daring insightful director of our times. The themes that resonate here will shake the being of our younger generation. This film must be seen as soon as it comes out for it will certainly be crowded at the box office.”

I’m still formulating my review of the film (look for it tomorrow), but I’m pretty sure I didn’t love it THAT much. In fact, I can’t think of ANY movie that would inspire that level of praise. (Most poignant film of the CENTURY?! To paraphrase the musical “Ragtime,” it’s only 2006, and there are 94 years to go!)

Sometimes studio shills post favorable reviews on IMDB to generate buzz. Maybe that’s what this person (“playpossum,” of Washington, D.C.) is. Or maybe he or she just really, really, really, really, really loved “The Fountain.” I mean REALLY.