I’m co-hosting a new Internet show!

My friend and fellow critic Jeff Bayer and I are thrilled to announce a new Internet-radio program launching tomorrow, April 2: “Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider.” (Do you get it???) For an hour every Friday, starting at 11 a.m. Pacific, we will broadcast live at PDX.fm, talking about movies, films, flicks, and cinema.

We’ll have reviews of the week’s new releases, of course, along with several other scintillating features. I like “Fixer & Defender,” where Jeff explains how a movie could be improved, and I defend it as is. (This will become a problem for me when the movie is, for example, “Leap Year.”) We’ll also rip on the Eric’s Bad Movies selection of the week, and tell you about the weird people we encounter at screenings, and make up new ideas for films off the top of our heads, and fun stuff like that.

You can listen live at PDX.fm at 11 a.m. Pacific every Friday. Each episode will also be available for free download after the fact, like a podcast. Or, to put it another way, we’re doing a weekly podcast that you can subscribe to, and you can also listen live as we record it.

Oh, and while the Internet allows us to swear more than actual radio does, we’re not going to. At least, not a lot. We’ll try to keep it PG at the most, since we know our damn mothers might be listening.

(P.S. Thanks to longtime devoted Eric D. Snider aficionado Jerilyn for designing our logo! You will not be paid.)