Jack Bauer: Hero or heroin?

How much do I love “24”? I love it like a heroin addict loves his heroin! Which apparently is quite a lot, as I’ve learned from watching Jack Bauer struggle with his new addiction the past couple episodes.

I must say I’m slightly disappointed with the season so far, as it has been two hours already and Jack has not killed even one person. By this time last year, he had already killed about five people, and even sawed the head off one of them. He killed a dog at one point, too.

I’m also disappointed that in the three years that have passed since the last season ended, Jack’s daughter Kim has failed to be devoured by a shark, or murdered by pirates, or to die in any other whimsical fashion. Instead, she is not only alive, but working at CTU. What she does there, I can’t imagine. Checks her e-mail and Googles her friends, probably.

But even if “24” has been slow out of the starting gate, they’ve definitely set up some good possibilities. Jack’s heroin addiction is nice, and so is the president’s inter-racial romance with his doctor (what the H?). Kim’s relationship with Jack’s CTU partner, Chase, is dumb, and so is any attempt to bring family drama into what should be a show about shooting bad guys and blowing up the world. But overall, the show’s still got the mojo. If Jack starts killing people next episode, I’ll be a happy camper.