Just checkin’ in on Jan. 22

Now that my movie reviews are being supported by patrons, I figured I should update this blog more often so you’ll know what’s happening, what’s about to happen, and what will never happen.

First of all, I’m at Sundance! I’ll be providing some coverage for Film School Rejects. I’ll be tweeting a lot, too, if you want to see quick nutshell reactions to things and complaints about the weather.

For Mental Floss, I compiled a list of past Sundance premieres that you can watch online and pretend you’re at the festival.

Back in the regular movie world, “Dirty Grandpa,” with Robert De Niro and Zac Efron, wasn’t screened for critics. In fact, critics in some markets were invited to a screening and then un-invited (always a good sign). “The Boy,” about the creepy doll, wasn’t screened. I will catch up with both eventually, but not for at least a week.

“The 5th Wave,” also in theaters today, was duly screened but not till I’d left town. For catching-up purposes, this will be third priority, after the other two.

Now, some new reviews that I do have:

There’s no Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider this week because Bayer’s wife had a baby or something. Thank you and good day.