Like everything else in the world, ‘Snide Remarks’ is about Harry Potter this week

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This week’s “Snide Remarks,” entitled “Wand for the Money,” is a fire sale on all the Harry Potter gags that have been lounging in the back of my mind the last few weeks. With the final book going on sale this Saturday, I figured now was the time to get rid of them. You can hear a recording of me reading the column right there on the page, or here, or you can subscribe to the podcast using this URL.

Speaking of Mr. Potter, if you have not already ordered “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” from Amazon for the low low price of $17.99, you only have until Tuesday at noon to do so if you want it delivered on Saturday. Amazon is even guaranteeing Saturday delivery — as in, if it doesn’t arrive on that day, you get your money back. So you can order it from them and rest assured you’ll have it on the day of its official release, just as soon as your fatigued, broken-backed mailman can carry it to your door after carrying 100 other copies to 100 other doors.

You can order it here. Not only can, but should.