Links to recent EDS articles elsewhere

Here are some me-written things published elsewhere in the last couple weeks that may amuse, interest, or annoy you.

Eric’s Time Capsule: “Leaving Las Vegas”
Memo to Shatner: It’s Time to Shut Up
Choosing Between “Saw V” and “High School Musical 3”
The Differences Between Nicholas Sparks and William Shakespeare

At Cinematical:
Soderbergh to Make a Live-Action 3D Rock ‘n’ Roll Musical About Cleopatra
Fan Rant: An R Rating for “Slumdog Millionaire”? Give Me a Break!
Forgetting Showing It — Now You Can’t Even Say the Word “Porno”
An Obsessive-Compulsive’s Guide to the “Friday the 13th” Movies (reprint from last year)