Men without hands

On the same day, I saw the following people in downtown Portland:

– A man with a hook for a hand. He was not a pirate, as you might suspect. He was dressed in ordinary business attire, with a suit coat and everything. But he had a hook for a hand. If I were a businessman in need of a new hand, I would consider getting a ballpoint pen rather than a hook. That would be useful.

– A man with no hands. He seemed to have been born without them, rather than having lost them through carelessness or misadventure, and the interesting thing is that he was smoking a cigarette. I sort of admire that. I know that if I didn’t have any hands, I would try to find FEWER activities that required hands, not more. So I respect this guy for taking the opposite approach: “No hands? Bah! I’ll do everything a handed person can do, and more!”

So men without hands, I salute you! With my foot!